Who Should You Hire?

Appraisers, engineers or brokers that have recently decided to offer comprehensive asset management services to offset the loss of revenue in their primary business?

National marketing firms where young interns do the majority of the work and senior brokers go beyond their expertise and become advisors?

Many companies have transferred acquisitions and underwriting staff, who lack the years of operating experience, to asset management. But operations and asset management requires much more than analytical skills.

Genesis Realty Advisors is a company whose successes have not resulted from being a beneficiary of the rising tides. We are a company that embraces creating value and has a proven track record of creating value in good times and bad.

With over 100 years of combined experience, Genesis Realty Advisors is a seasoned operator who specializes in working out distressed real estate. We know this industry and how to create value, fix cash flows problems, mitigate losses, and solve difficult capital positions. Genesis stands apart from the rest in this respect.